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Author: Luke, a Gentile physician and associate to the Apostle Paul.  He is the only evangelist who supplements his gospel with a second book.

Date: In the first century, 60’s or 80’s.

Divided as follows:

  • Prologue (1:1-14)
  • The Community in Jerusalem Finds Maturity in the Spirit  – Acts 1:15-5:42
  • Spread of the Church Through Persecution in Jerusalem – Acts 6:1-8:3
  • The Community Carries The Message to Samaria, Syria, and Cyprus  – Acts 8:4-12:24
  • Mission of Barnabas and Saul – Acts 12:25-15:35
  • Paul’s Mission to the Gentiles – Acts 15:36-21:14
  • Paul the Prisoner Bears Witness To the Resurrection – Acts 21:15-28:31

Additional Information:

According to Luke, the Christian communities spread due to the Holy Spirit, especially because of Peter and Paul.

  • Peter was the leader of the Twelve Disciples and the head of the Judaeo-Christian communities.
  • Paul joined the church at Antioch.  Luke shows Paul as a true authority of the gospel, even though Paul was not one of the Twelve Disciples.

The Gentiles, more so than the Jews, were typically more open to Peter and Paul’s mission. The Jews were apprehensive, due to fear of Paul’s gospel threatening their own cultural heritage.  As a result, Paul’s gospel was preached more to the Gentiles than the Jews.

Luke, at times, writes theologically.   He also includes moral lessons.





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