Gospel of Luke

Author: Luke

  • A gentile
  • A physician
  • A friend of St. Paul
  • Possibly an historian
  • Also wrote the Acts of the Apostles

About the Gospel of Luke:

  • Written around 75 A.D., or maybe the early 60s A.D. 
  • Written to Theophilus – historians are not for sure who Theophilus was.  His name means “Beloved of God” or “God’s friend.”  He may have been the one who funded Luke’s writing of the Gospel.  Perhaps he just symbolized all friends of God, which we all can be considered, therefore universalizing the messages contained within Luke’s Gospel.
  • Made use of Mark’s gospel as one source.
  • Mary, mother of Jesus, may have been a source of information for Luke.
  • Only Gospel to include “The Good Samaritan,” “The Prodigal Son,” Gabriel’s annunciation to Mary, Jesus’ boyhood experience in the Temple, and the details  of Jesus’ Ascension.
  • Includes “Mary’s Canticle,” “Zechariah’s Canticle,” “Simeon’s Canticle” (Nunc Dimittis), and the “Gloria.”
  • Themes:
    • Restoration of Israel
    • Love of enemies
    • Jesus came for EVERYONE
    • Taking care of the sick, poor and lowly
    • Good versus evil (Christ versus Satan)
    • A reversal of things (i.e. rich become poor; hungry will be full; the lowly will be exalted)
    • Schism: Not everyone will listen to Jesus Christ; some follow, while others don’t
    • Joy

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