Week 9


  • The Reign Become Church – Part 3 (17:1-18:35)


  • What verse(s) stood out to you and why?
  • Jesus states that if we have faith, our prayers will be answered.  How strong is your faith?  Are your prayers answered? If not, is it due to a lack of faith? (see Matthew 17:20-21)
  • To be humble, we must take care of everyone, including those who our society may deem unworthy or not important.  Do you serve everyone and treat everyone with respect?  To whom do you have the hardest time, or take the least amount of time, to serve or show respect? (see Matthew 18:1-14)
  • Do you believe in guardian angels?  If so, what type of relationship do you have with yours?  (see Matthew 18:10)
  • Is there someone who has wronged you, but with whom you have not reconciled?  What steps can you take to rectify this?  (see Matthew 18:15-20) Furthermore, we are to be forgiving towards others as we want God to forgive us.  Are you more like the king or more like the unmerciful servant when it comes to forgiveness?  (see Matthew 18:21-35)
  • Additional Questions found in your study guide or in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – The Gospel of Matthew

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