Week 11

Read Luke 18:1-19:27 (Journey to Jerusalem – Part Five)


  1.  What are your prayer habits?  Do you pray regularly and with persistence?  Can you think of anything that you don’t currently pray for but may want to start praying for regularly? (18:1-8)
  2. Why do you take on devotional work?  Are you humble? (18:9-14)
  3. Is there anything that keeps you from being open to the Kingdom of God?  Or, like a child, do you accept it unpretentiously? (18:15-17)
  4. In verses 18:18-23, Jesus speaks to a wealthy official.  Despite following the Ten Commandments, the official is still not fully following Jesus.  He must also value the Kingdom of God over all his possessions.  Furthermore, in verses 18:24-30, Jesus speaks about how difficult it is to enter the Kingdom of God.  Our salvation is up to us.  What do you value the most and to which do you put your faith and trust?
  5. We may have at times in our lives strayed from God.  Has this happened to you or to someone you know?  Does it help you to know that God is always seeking to save those who are lost?  Can you use this knowledge to console yourself and/or to help others see God’s love? (19:1-10)
  6. God gave each one of us gifts.  What are your gifts?  Are you using them to produce more for God in return?  In other words, are you using what God gave you for the betterment of the Kingdom of God? (19:11-27)

Additional Questions found in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – Gospel of Luke


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