Study Reminder – Week 7

Greetings to you all!

After talking about it so much for the last few weeks, it is hard to believe that the day is finally here.  We are now officially on day one of our Week 7 study of Luke’s Gospel.  During this week, please read Luke 9:51-11:54.  Also, please see the Week 7 page for questions to ponder while you study and to post any thoughts you may have (i.e. regarding the questions, regarding a verse that touched you, etc.).  There are additional questions in most study guides.  The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible (ICSB) that I recommend for the group has questions in the back of the book for Understanding as well as for Application.

Today, I went to St. Bernard for mass.  My husband was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, and two of my sons have been ill (one with pink eye).  Instead of going to my regular church, since I was by myself, I  took this opportunity to celebrate mass with my mother, a St. Bernard parishioner.  Times like this, it is nice to break from the normal weekly routine.  It reminds how connected we all are as Christians.  Our churches may look different and the songs we sing my at times be unfamiliar to others, but the mass itself is the same.

Bible study too is something that we each may do differently.  However, the act of allowing some time for God’s word and the yearning to know more about God and to see Him in our lives is universal.  Thank you for being a part of the Life Giving Bread bible study group.  I hope that you will find fulfillment within the Word and a renewal of your spirit.

God bless you,



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