End of Luke Study

Blessings everyone!

Has everyone concluded their study of the Gospel of Luke?  If not, I encourage you to continue on.   Plus, I want to take this time to give kudos to Sonia for catching up and to any of you who also worked hard to keep up or catch up!  I know everyone can be very busy with everyday life.  Pat yourself on the back for taking the time for your spiritual growth!

I would love to get some feedback.   Please respond back to me with your input.  Either comment on this page, email me, call me, or catch me at school/church:

  1. Did everyone like this format of breaking the study into two sessions, one prior to summer and one after?
  2. Are there any comments or suggestions you have regarding this study group?  I am open to any and all feedback!  I am always looking for ways to make this group beneficial and more accessible for everyone.
  3. Would you like the group to continue year round . . . maybe studying something different in-between Gospel studies? (i.e. Acts of the Apostles, Old Testament material, a Religious book, etc.)
  4. Would you be open to having the comments done on Facebook? I can make a Facebook Group page for our study group, linking our LGB website to it for informational purposes.  I understand that it may be difficult or time-consuming to try to make a comment on the LGB website.  However, Facebook can be a less-time consuming and fun way to keep in-touch with our members.  Many of you are already Facebook members, so I imagine you are already checking it often.  If so, this may make it more readily available to our members to make comments and SHARE!

Our next study will most likely be over the Gospel of Matthew and begin April 2014. (Changes to this may be made.  See question #3 above)

In the interim, may I suggest that everyone consider taking part in St. Athanasius’ new Book Club?  It is scheduled to being January 1, 2014.  It will be an online club, with the option of people choosing to hold meetings if they wish (i.e. Why Catholic groups or groups of friends might want to meet in person to discuss the book).  I am working with Maggie Poole to set this up.  It will take place on Facebook.  Once the information becomes concrete, I’ll pass it on to everyone.

If you are not already in a Why Catholic group, I would also like to suggest this to you.   They meet for 6 weeks, twice a year.  The fall session is going on now.   It is so spiritually uplifting.  If you are unable to leave your house, are you open to have others come to you, maybe hosting the group?

Once again, congratulations to all of you for completing or working to complete your study of Luke’s Gospel.

May God bless you in many ways and be in your heart always,



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1 Response to End of Luke Study

  1. soniat11 says:

    I would like for the group to continue year round ☺

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