Study Reminder – Week 8

Hello fellow bible study members!

One of the blessings of snow is that it allows us to slow down a bit, take it easy, and reflect on God’s wonderful creation.   The pure white snow . . . the quietness . . . the calm (don’t think about that car sliding sideways into the mailbox) . . . the simplicity of spending time with family/loved ones.  What a beautiful time to remind us of how blessed we are and how thankful we should be for the creation God gave us.  It sure keeps us on our toes at time, but it also makes us slow down to appreciate the serenity it can bring.

Tomorrow begins Week 8.  Please read: Mission of Barnabas and Saul (Part 2) – Acts 14:1-15:35 and share your thoughts, questions, and/or answers on the LGB website or LGB Facebook page.

Week 8’s readings reminds us how important the Holy Spirit was in continuing on Jesus’ mission after his death.  The Spirit is always with us to help guide us in our own evangelization.  Please pray to the Spirit for guidance and go out there and help spread the word of God’s love for all.  No one is exempt from His love if only they believe.

Your friend in Christ,


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