Study Reminder – Week 4

Every one of us has faults.  However, it is much easier to see the faults in others than to see them in ourselves.  This week, we read about Jesus’ teachings on judging others and how we should focus on living our lives as he has shown us to live.   We must trust in God, even when others try to interfere, and we must work on building and maintaining  a strong relationship with God.  Our commitment to follow God is more important than anything else.  We will go through rough patches in our lives, but we need to stay focused on the power of Jesus who is greater than any evil.

This week, please read Matthew 7:1-7:29 and 8:1-8:34.  Below is some information as well as some study questions for you to ponder.  Please feel free to share your thoughts or any additional information you find.  You can make comments on the Week 4 page or on the group’s Facebook page (


“Every major discourse in Matthew’s Gospel ends with a warning to put Jesus’ teaching into practice.” (New Collegeville Bible Commentary: The Gospel According to Matthew by Barbara E. Reid)


  • What verse(s) stood out to you and why?
  • What faults within yourself do you need to work on? (Matthew 7:1-5)
  • What relationship do you have with God?  Do you work hard at maintaining a relationship with Him?  Will He know you on the Day of Judgement? (Matthew 7:13-23)
  • Is your house (your soul) upon a great foundation?   Do you hear Jesus and put his words into practice? (Matthew 7:24-27)
  • How we live our lives and what we tell people influences others.  Are you a “Leper”and spreading sin?  (Matthew 8:1-4)
  • What types of “storms” have you endured?  When they occurred, did you call upon Jesus? (Matthew 8:23-27)
  • Why do you think the townspeople of Gadara begged Jesus to leave? (Matthew 8:28-34
  • Additional Questions found in your study guide or in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – The Gospel of Matthew (page 76)
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