Books Have Arrived!

The Advent study books have arrived! For those that requested a copy, I will be contacting you to set up a time and place for me to give you your copy.

I have looked through the book, and I am really excited to begin this study.  Once you receive your copy, please read pages 1-3.  This will explain how the study will work with the exception that we will not be meeting, physically, as a group.  We will discuss the material via the Life Giving Bread website and/or Facebook page.  So, on page 3 of the Advent Study book, where it states “Be prepared to share your reflections in the larger group,” this sharing will take place online for whoever wishes to share.

The first day of Advent is this coming Sunday, November 30th.  Starting that day and continuing throughout all that week, please feel free to share your reflections on the LGB website or Facebook page.

A few notes:

  • The answers to the Study Questions are in the back of the book, if you would like to compare your answers.
  • The Questions for Reflection are at the end of each week’s material.  So for this first week, starting November 30th, we will discuss the three questions on page 14.

Advent is a time to prepare us for the Coming of Christ.  We are in darkness, with each week bringing us more light (think about the act of lighting one more candle each week on the Advent Wreath), until we finally reach Christmas and the full light of Christ!

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