Study Reminder – 1st Corinthians – Week 1

Let’s begin!

Today is the beginning of our study of the First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians. This week, please read the introduction in your study guide of 1st Corinthians, read chapters 1 and 2, ponder the questions below, and answer the questions regarding these chapters in your study guide.  In addition, please share your thoughts and/or answers on the Week 1 page or on the LGB Facebook page.

Has the Church ever been in perfect harmony?  Probably not, since it is human nature to sin.  Therefore, right from the beginning of St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, we see that St. Paul is speaking to all of us . . . to the Church in Corinth as well as to all members of Christ’s Church throughout time.

  • While studying this letter, please ponder on your own faults and sins.  What is St. Paul saying to you?

In this first letter, St. Paul also addresses the pride that some of the members of the Church of Corinth have been showing.  They consider themselves wise.  However, wisdom comes from God.  Only God chooses who is wise by granting wisdom through the Holy Spirit.

  • How wise are you?  How advanced are you spiritually?
  • What relationship do you have with the Spirit?  Are you open to the Spirit’s guidance?
  • How can you enhance your wisdom?




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