Study Reminder – 1st Corinthians – Week 6

We are each special.  Our gifts, our talents, were given to us by the Holy Trinity.  There is a reason for why we receive the gifts that we do.  Furthermore, one person’s gifts are not better than another person’s gifts.  Each gift is special and important.  It is our job to utilize them to uplift the Church, to do good for others, and to help ourselves become closer to God.  Therefore, know that you ARE special.  God made you that way.  Rejoice and use your talents for the betterment of all!

For this week, we are reading 1st Corinthians 11:2 through 12:31.  In these verses, we will read about St. Paul’s view on public worship (head coverings, abuses at the Lord’s Supper), how important it is to receive the Eucharist only while without sin, and how we are given spiritual gifts that make each one of us special.  On the LGB Facebook page or on the Week 6 page, please feel free to share your thoughts regarding this week’s readings as well as your answers to the study questions.

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