Study Reminder – James – Week 3

We all think we know what we are doing, right? We live in a society of know-it-alls. How often have you given advice or judged others based on your knowledge? Or, how often have you made plans based on what you think will happen in the future? In this week’s readings, Saint James stresses that God is the only one who knows the future and knows what is right and wrong. He is THE judge and THE know-it-all. Therefore, pray to Him for guidance and submit your life to His will. (see James chapter 4)

In chapter 5, Saint James stresses additional dos and don’ts (be patient for the coming of the Lord, do not grumble, do not swear) as well as he warns the wealthy who take advantage of the less-fortunate, namely their employees. Moreover, he writes about the Anointing of the Sick and the importance of prayer.

This is the third and final week for studying the Letter of Saint James. This week, please read and discuss chapters 4 and 5. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions regarding the readings by posting your comments on the Week 3 page under James, 1&2 Peter, Jude or on the LGB Facebook page.

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