Study Reminder – 2 Peter – Week 7

We read about the stories of the saints. Some lived heroic lives, under great persecution and suffering. You can read about many of them who were martyred and/or tortured. However, this is not the only way to become holy. We are all called to holiness. As we read in the first chapter of the Second Letter of Saint Peter, the Holy Spirit provides us with everything that we need to become holy. It is our job to utilize these gifts and to build upon our faith to the point that we have complete love for all mankind. This steadfast love will cause you to do the work God intends of you, and it will help keep you from sin. Then, you too, can be counted as one of the numerous saints . . . you too will be holy.

Please read the Introduction to The Second Letter of Saint Peter, as well as, the first chapter of Second Peter.  In addition, please answer the corresponding study guide questions. Feel free to share your thoughts or questions regarding the readings by posting your comments on the Week 7 page under James, 1&2 Peter, Jude or on the LGB Facebook page.

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