Genesis – Week 18 – Ch. 35, 36, & 37

For this week, please study Genesis chapters 35, 36 and 37. Chapter 36 is basically genealogy, so mostly names. That’s why we are studying three chapters this week.

In regards to Joseph’s brothers selling him, I can’t imagine brothers doing that to one another. How terrible! Their jealousy must have been very great.  To even think that, originally, they wanted to KILL him! I can’t grasp that.  I have three sons, and I can’t conceive of them ever doing something so harsh: selling their brother, or even more heinous, killing him. However, as we’ve seen so far in Genesis, killings of siblings happened. What a different environment they must have lived.

If you have thoughts or questions regarding the study material, feel free to share with the group by using either this website or the group’s Facebook page, or email the group.

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