Exodus Study – Week 2

I hope everyone had a chance to begin their study of Exodus last week. For this week, please study chapters 3 and 4 and review the study questions in the back of your study guide.

As I mentioned last week, for a full weekly study schedule, please see the Schedule page on the Life Giving Bread website. As you will notice, we will typically be studying about 3 chapters per week, and, in some cases, four or more chapters. Please don’t feel overwhelmed. The schedule was built based on the amount of study notes and corresponding study questions. Therefore, even though some weeks have more chapters to study than others, there are only two sets of study questions each week to review. However, if it does become too much, please let me know and I will look at adjusting the schedule. As it stands now, we should wrap up our study of Exodus in early December.

May God bless you and may His Spirit guide you in your study.

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