Week 1 – 1st Thessalonians

Blessings Everyone!

Today is the day that we begin our newest bible study. This week, please read and study the First Letter of Saint Paul to the Thessalonians. Please read the Introduction and Chapter 1 in your study guide. Furthermore, please answer the questions in your study guide. If you don’t have the book, but would like to view the questions the group is using, you can view and download a copy of the questions online at https://www.ignatius.com/promotions/catholic-study-bible/download/guides/ICSB-Thessalonians-Timothy-Titus.pdf. These are the questions the group will discuss online. Members are also welcome to bring up other questions or comments to the group as well.

If you are not already a member of the Life Giving Bread Private Chat Room on Facebook, send a request to me to be a member so that you can participate in the group discussions. Another option is to post your comments regarding this week’s study at the comment section of this post.

May the Holy Spirit guide you in your study.

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1 Response to Week 1 – 1st Thessalonians

  1. Bernie G says:

    Thank you Angie, for including a link to Scott Hahn’s questions at the end of each chapter…. Now I will go to our private page, and get started…

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