Next Study Begins September 2nd

Our next bible study begins September 2nd
Please see below for additional information…

LIFE GIVING BREAD (St. Athanasius’ Online Bible Study Group)

Who: Open to everyone (adults, teenagers, Catholics, non-Catholics).

What: Studying 1 & 2 Samuel

When: Beginning September 2nd (2 chapters/week). Study and participate on your own time using your smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.

Where: On the internet. Go to for information regarding the group and study schedule. In addition, updates are also sent out on Life Giving Bread’s Facebook Page. We also have Life Giving Bread’s Private Chat Room on Facebook, allowing group members to take part in discussions.

Why: Grow in the knowledge of God and the scripture.

How: “Follow” the website and/or “Like” the Life Giving Bread Facebook page to receive weekly reminders and other information.

You will need: A Bible study guide and internet access (to receive updates and participate in discussions). Recommended study guide: “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: 1 & 2 Samuel” by Scott Hahn & Curtis Mitch. This book contains biblical text, notes regarding the text on each page, and study questions.

Questions: Contact Angie Poole, 435-3483;

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