Time for a Study Break!

I really hope you enjoyed this study on Hebrews. I know that I did! It was different from other books of the bible, and its uniqueness was refreshing and touching.

We are now on break for the summer! Please use this time to catch up on your bible study and/or read other material to help build up your spiritual arsenal and  knowledge.

Our next study will be I Kings  and II Kings. I anticipate the start date of this study to be August 18th with a completion date of early to mid February 2020. After this study, we will study Revelation, which will last about 11 weeks and end around mid to late May 2020.

This group began in February 2012, and, since then, we have studied almost all of the New Testament. We still have Revelation and Mark to study. In regards to the Old Testament, we have studied the following: Genesis, Exodus, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, and 2 Samuel. So, we still have much more to cover there, but I look forward to it and I have faith that we will do it!

Have a safe and fun summer!

May God bless you in many ways and be in your heart always!
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