MARK Study Begins SUNDAY – Are You In?

I am taking a tally of how many members will be participating in this next study. Please contact me to let me know if you are planning to participate. You can call, email, or text me or comment on this post. I may also make some adjustments to our Life Giving Bread Chat Room on Facebook, erasing the current members and adding only those who are taking part in this study. If you want to either remain a member or be added, please let me know that as well.

Our next study, the Gospel of Mark, will begin SUNDAY, March 15th. Please make sure you have a copy of the study guide: “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Gospel Of Mark.” If you would like for me to order it for you from Amazon, please let me know ASAP to insure that you have it by Sunday.

Have a blessed week!

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4 Responses to MARK Study Begins SUNDAY – Are You In?

  1. Bernie G says:

    Count me in, I’ll need a book, thought I told you earlier …not sure

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  2. Fred Camp says:

    Probably best to remove me from this group. I’m afraid I haven’t been a very good contributor over the years.

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    • Angie says:

      Please do not feel like you have to be taken off the online group! I apologize for the confusion. It is perfectly fine to be a member of this group and not comment/contribute. You can still follow along and study with us if and when you can and continue to receive updates on the status of the group (i.e. what we are currently studying)!

      If you do want to stop receiving emails when I post an update on the website, you can “Unfollow” the Life Giving Bread website ( by changing your “follow” status to “unfollow”…see the “You are following this website with # other amazing people (manage)” on the Home page of and select “manage.” Another option is that I can delete the connection from my end.

      In regards to commenting, I’m only concerned about the Private Chat Room we have on Facebook. It is only that group that I plan to clean up a bit and take out those who no longer want to be a part of the group. I’m concerned that we might have some former members still receiving notifications on Facebook that might no longer need those.

  3. soniat11 says:

    I’m in

    Sonia Thomas

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