Week 8 – Mark

This is our final week studying the Gospel of Mark. Please study and discuss chapters 15 & 16.

Typically, we have been taking the summer off from our bible studies. However, since I don’t know when we can restart in-person bible study, would you all like to do another online study over the summer?

Have a blessed week!

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1 Response to Week 8 – Mark

  1. Bernadette Greenwell says:

    I’ve been grateful for this study during our Sheltering in place… but I do like a break in between study’s… When we finish this book of Mark, I ‘m planing to go back and finish the book on the Mass.. Love that book, I prefer to do only one study at a time.. I’m not one of those multi task persons… I also have a study guide on James… (I know this group has already studied James. ) so I will pursue this on my own. If the rest of the group decides to start another study, let me know I will probably join you, (I don’t want to miss anything, but I have lots to do for now. Thank you so much Angie, for planing this online study… I thoroughly enjoy being able to work, at my own speed, I also love the Mom’s Study, & getting to know some of you. I just prefer doing one at a time… I’m slowing down I guess, Take care… Bernadette

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