Life Giving Bread – Next Bible Study begins January 3, 2021

Thank you to everyone who participated in our study on the Book of Joshua. I hope everyone enjoyed it and got a lot out of it like I did. I appreciate all of your determination to continue studying the bible and hope everyone returns in January for our next topic.

Our group’s next study will be on the Book of Revelation. As usual, we will be using the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible. I had originally intended to make it a 22-week study. However, after currently studying it with another group, I’ve decided to make it a 12-week study, studying 2 chapters per week, as we normally do. Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: The First, Second and Third letters of St. John and the Revelation to John by Scott Hahn & Curtis Mitch is sold on Amazon for about $12.

One suggestion that I would like to make regarding this next study is that everyone consider purchasing the book “Coming Soon: Unlocking the Book of Revelation and Applying Its Lessons Today” by Michael Barber. I am using this book in my current study of Revelation and it is making learning about the apocalypse much easier. By using this book along with the “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: The First, Second, and Third Letters of St. John and the Revelation to John,” I think we all will get a very good appreciation of this last book of the Bible. Amazon sells this book for about $20. It is just a suggestion, however. It is optional and it is not necessary to purchase this book to participate in our study of the Book of Revelation.

Contact me to join the Life Giving Bread’s chat room, if you have any questions regarding this group, or if you would like help getting started.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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