Week 10 – Revelation Chapters 18 and Next Study

We have only 3 weeks and 5 chapters left of our current bible study. This week, we study only one chapter, Revelation 18. Please read, answer the corresponding questions, and discuss on our private chat room or in the comment section on this post.

For those also reading “Coming Soon,” I suggest reading pages 218-225.

Once we complete our study on John’s Revelation, we will take a couple weeks off, allowing time for people to catch up if they need. Then, on April 11th, we will begin our next study, Daniel, which will last seven weeks. I chose this study, since there are several instances where Daniel was referenced in Revelation. In addition, it is also considered apocalyptic like Revelation. For our study guide, we will use “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Daniel,” by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. It is sold on Amazon for about $12. Our expected completion date is May 29th. After this next study, we will take the summer off and begin a new bible study in August or September.

Have a blessed week!

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