Additional Information regarding “Daniel” Study

For those participating in the “Daniel” study, please insure that you have your study guide purchased. The in-person Thursday evening SIS/Mom’s Bible Study group and the online Life Giving Bread group are both using “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: Daniel” by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch. If you do not already have this study guide and would like for us to order you a copy, please let me know ASAP. If you are purchasing it on your own, here is a link to it on Amazon:

The Life Giving Bread online bible study group will begin the “Daniel” study on Sunday, April 11th, and have all next week to read that week’s material and then login and post their comments to the study questions. 

The SIS/Mom’s Bible Study’s first in-person meeting will be next week, on Thursday, April 15th. We will be meeting in the Parish Center, Room A. For those of you participating in this group, please read the “Introduction to Daniel” and chapters one and two (pages 13-21) PRIOR to the 15th. In addition, please look over the discussion questions located at the back of the study guide on page 47. If you have never used an Ignatius Study Bible before, I suggest that you also read the “Introduction to The Ignatius Catholic Study Bible,” pages 7-11.

The answers to the Questions for Understanding are typically within the notes at the bottom of each page for that verse, verse group, or term. However, the answers to the Questions for Application are typically more subjective or personal. Those are the ones that we will discuss at our meetings, since that’s where I think we can grow and nurture each other with our responses. 

I am considering incorporating the movie “The Book of Daniel” into our Thursday meetings. It does not contain all of the Book of Daniel according to the Catholic Church, but it does help with the understanding of what is taking place within most of the scripture. For those who are not attending the Thursday meetings or for those who would like to view it on their own, this movie can be viewed on YouTube at

Here are links to some information I located regarding the Book of Daniel. This is not required reading/viewing, but I wanted to offer it to you in case you have the time and want to further your understanding of the book of Daniel. Feel free to share with me and/or the group any information you come across that will help us in this endeavor.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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