Conclusion of John Study

We have concluded our study of the Gospel of John. I hope everyone enjoyed the study, learn new information, and grew spiritually.

Our next study will begin in January 2022. Information will be coming soon in regards to this.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

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1 Response to Conclusion of John Study

  1. Bernie G says:

    Angie this is Bernadette, sorry, I’m so far behind with the Book of John study… Do order me a study guide on the Tobit… and the other two books, can’t remember names… I’m not interested in Job, at this time. It’s hard for me to commit to a 20 week study, that’s almost a year… but I do want to study this first three, even if just on my own. So grateful to have these study’s … thanks to you.
    I’ve wanted to ask you, did your boys, get to go on the youth retreat? I hope so, what an experience, for the youth, of today…
    I know your doing an Awesome job, up at St. A’s, how I would love for someone like you to be instructing my children in religion,…. And teaching them How Much Jesus loves them. God Bless Bernadette.

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