Esther: Week 1

We now begin our study of Esther. I’m really looking forward to it. I definitely feel like something is missing when I’m not studying with you all 😊 I’m happy to be at it again.

From the looks of how the chapters are layed out, it is unlike any we’ve studied before in this group. 😮 After this week, I will try to stick to two study question sections per week. This week, we will read the introduction and Chapter 11-12 italicized. As you can see on page 91, there is one section of questions to cover these italicized chapters. Next week, we’ll study chapter 1 and 2, which corresponds with two sections of questions. The week after that, we will study chapter 13 italicized and chapters 3-4, which also has two sections of questions. And so on and so on each week. In turn, this study should last us 8 weeks total. I hope everyone has fun and enjoys this study and I pray that everyone can participate.
Let’s get started! 😀

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