Week 4


Spread of the Church Through Persecution in Jerusalem – Acts 6:1-8:3


  • What verse(s) stood out to you and why?
  • Additional Questions found in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – The Acts of the Apostles

6 Responses to Week 4

  1. Angie says:

    Application Question 7:51 – I think a baptized Christian could end up resisting the Holy Spirit when he/she thinks that they KNOW what is right and what is wrong. He/she may not be open to listening to what the Spirit is trying to tell him/her. I see this type of resistance in myself sometimes. I think I am doing something right until my eyes are opened (something knocks me out of my own perception). I do try to see things from different perspectives, but there are definite times that, when I look back, I realize I was being stubborn and not open to the Spirit’s directions.

    The fact that people (which includes priests, bishops, and the magistrate) may not actually be listening to the Spirit and instead are following their own agenda makes it harder for me to know sometimes what God really wants me to do. Can I trust what they tell me that God says we must do? It is a major responsibility on those in authority to truly listen to the Spirit.

  2. Angie says:

    While contemplating Acts 7:49-50, I think about how God has made EVERYTHING, and (with the help of the bible commentary) how we humans are the ones who screw it up. God gets blamed for what really is our fault as humans. He creates, but we destroy.

  3. Angie says:

    I like that “Luke deliberately portrays these events in terms that recall the trial and death of Jesus” (ICSB – Acts of the Apostles) (6:8-7:60). It is great literary skill to show the connection and similarity of the deaths of Stephen, Moses, and Jesus. It is a good reminder of how history can, and does, repeat itself. I think it is wise to think of today’s societal issues in terms of past issues. What were their outcomes? This will help us not to repeat past mistakes.

  4. Angie says:

    In regards to the Application Question 6:8-10 – I think that it is important for a minister of the faith to be in-tune with the Holy Spirit. They need the wisdom of the Spirit, so that they are doing God’s will and not just their own will. If left up to an individual, free of the Spirit, I believe their would be corruption and misuse of the ministers powers of influence.

  5. Angie says:

    I still feel like a fairly new member of St. A’s. Therefore, for the application question 6:1, I don’t have many years of experience with how St. A handles tensions. One thing that comes to mind is the recent changes to our responses at church. There was some grumbling, but I think the change has gone over fine.

    It is hard for anyone to accept change. For St. A, though, I am appreciative that they have accepted the bible study clubs I have started and the book club I have helped get started. I do feel like an outsider at times and I think some groups would prefer to continue doing things the way they have always done them. However, I have never been turned away! Plus, I think the community is open to expanding. It may be time for more meeting areas because of our growth and what I envision down the road 🙂

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