Week 4

Read Luke 4:14-5:39 (The Ministry in Galilee – Part One)

In this week’s readings:

  • We are told some reasons why Jesus was sent by the Father.  In verse 4:18, once again we are seeing an example of the “reversal of things” theme.  Here we read that Jesus has been sent to proclaim release to the captives, sight to the blind, and liberty to the oppressed.
  • Jesus’ word is spreading (4:27; 5:1-3). 
  • Examples are given of how we should behave upon receiving God’s grace and truth.  As exemplified in  verse 4:39, we should serve the Lord, even more so when in thanksgiving for his blessings . . . for all that He does for us.  In addition, verses 5:12-15 is an example of how our actions speak louder than our words.  If God has touched you, your actions should show this.
  • We see the theme that not everyone will listen to Jesus Christ; some follow, while others do not.  In verse 5:26, the witnesses glorify God.  On the other hand, in verse 5:29, Jesus was forced out of Nazareth.  They resented Jesus, someone whom they knew, preaching to them.  
  • Verse 5:34 is reminiscent of the Wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11).  Jesus is referred to as the bridegroom. Jesus is the bridegroom and the church is the bride.
  • We read that people are reluctant to change.  However, we may have to change to be able to accept God’s grace and truth (5:39).


  1. In verses 4:22-4:30, Jesus points out that it is harder to be accepted by those in your own hometown than from those outside of it.  Those who know you may have a harder time accepting your words and actions as they relate to God.  Jesus gives examples of this happening to some Old Testament prophets.  Do you find it harder to be accepted by your own family and friends more than by other people?  Has your faith caused rifts with those close to you?  Is it harder to profess your faith to them than to those outside your hometown/family?
  2. In verse 5:8, after filling his boat with fish, Simon Peter said to Jesus, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, O Lord.”  Do you feel unworthy of God?
  3. Our actions speak louder than our words. Are your actions an example of someone touched by God? (v. 5:12-15)
  4. Our sins weigh us down.  They keep us from truly realizing God’s peace and grace.  Illness was associated with sins. Jesus shows that he has the power to forgive sins by healing the paralytic.  Are your sins paralyzing you?  (v. 5:17-26)
  5. Does our society despise people in certain occupations or look “down” on them?  Who does the tax collector represent today? (v. 5:30-32)
  6. People are reluctant to change.  However, change is sometimes necessary to fully receive God’s grace and truth (v. 5:39).  It can be hard to try new things; start new habits.   Are you willing to give up your old ways so that you can live a new life with God?

Additional Questions (Found in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – Gospel of Luke)

  1. Question for Understanding 4:18-19 (ICSB)
  2. Question for Understanding 4:25-30 (ICSB)
  3. Question for Understanding 4:43 (ICSB)
  4. Question for Application 4:22-24 (ICSB)
  5. Question for Application 4:39 (ICSB)
  6. Question for Understanding 5:12 (ICSB)
  7. Question for Understanding 5:13 (ICSB)
  8. Question for Understanding 5:21 (ICSB)
  9. Question for Understanding 5:32 (ICSB)
  10. Question for Application 5:8-10 (ICSB)
  11. Question for Application 5:12-13 (ICSB)
  12. Question for Application 5:18-24 (ICSB)
  13. Question for Application 5:28-32 (ICSB)

Discuss the readings and/or study questions by reading/posting comments below.


5 Responses to Week 4

  1. Angie says:

    My answer to Question #6: I’ve been contemplating making a change. The Theology of the Body classes I went to and the material I read have made me think. I learned more about what the Catholic Church teaches. It definitely got me thinking about a few things. It is really hard to continue doing something when I know that it hurts my relationship with God. The prospect of having a greater life with God is very tempting.

  2. Angie says:

    In regards to questions #5, I think the tax collector represents, for example, these people today: prostitutes, drug dealers, politicians (in some views), sex offenders, prisoners, traitors, our enemies foreign and domestic, people who live according to materialism. and all those who have fallen away from God. These are just some. Can anyone think of anyone else, or does anyone not agree with the ones I listed?

  3. magpoole says:

    Family, our loved ones, can be very difficult to evangelize. I can remember many years ago when I first found the Lord, it would have been early 80’s I wanted to talk about God in my life & it wasn’t received well by siblings. They thought I was crazy & did not want to hear it. I can remember coming home crying on numerous occasions. I had found Something wonderful in my life & I wanted my loved ones to have it too. Today, I have some nephews & nieces that do not want God in their lives & do not have time for Him. I continue to love & try to live a good example for them. I pray daily for their hearts to soften and ask God to give them a small glimpse of His love each day. Question #6-Yes, it is difficult to change our ways and begin new habits. I find that I must ask the Holy Spirit to help me in making those changes happen. Only with His help am I able to act on something new. He is the One who prompts me in the first place to make the change,

    • Angie says:

      I agree. I have a harder time talking religion with my family. I guess it is because they have known me longer, and my more religious attitude is foreign to them. But, more importantly, they are not extremely religious themselves. Some do not go to church at all. I may talk religion some when I think it is receptive. I am trying to make it a point to speak up more often. It worries me more and more that those who are not practicing their faith any more may not go to heaven. I find myself asking myself and God, “Is it my responsibility to help remind them of God’s love and what they are giving up by keeping their backs to Him?”

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