Week 6 Study Reminder

Blessings everyone!

This is the 6th and final study week for this first session.   We we resume our study of the Gospel of Luke on September 1st.

What did everyone think of this study format?   Please provide me with your comments and suggestions so that I can continue to make improvements.

For this week, we are reading  Luke 8:1-9:50 (The Ministry in Galilee – Part Three).  You can view the questions for this week and share with the group on the Week 6 page.

I hope this bible study group has been a good experience for you and I hope you will join us again in September.

This summer, may I suggest picking out a spiritual book (or two or three) to read.  “If every Catholic were to read a good Catholic book for fifteen minutes a day this habit alone could be a game changer for the Church in our time.” (Matthew Kelly, “Rediscover Catholicism”).  Reading spiritual books helps keep us connected to the Holy Spirit.  It helps give our lives direction, because it opens our eyes so that we can see God at work in our everyday lives.

Some suggestions I have for books are:

“Rediscover Catholicism,” by Matthew Kelly

“The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic,” by Matthew Kelly

“Good News About Sex and Marriage,” by Christopher West

“Theology of the Body for Beginners,” by Christopher West.

These are shown on the Member Corner page.  Please share your book suggestions on that page as well.

May God bless you and keep your mind and eyes open to his wonder this summer.

Your friend in Christ,


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