Study Reminder

Blessings to everyone!

My Mom’s Bible study group continues our study of the Gospel of Luke a couple of weeks per month during the summer break.  As I was preparing for our next meeting, I read the Good Samaritan parable in Luke.  When done, and as the kids were still out with my husband, I turned on the TV.  Within a short time of finishing my bible study, the show I was watching mentioned the Good Samaritan parable.  I smiled!  I love these coincidences.   It makes me feel like God is giving me a nudge, saying, “I saw what you were doing.  I care.  It’s worth it.  Keep it up!”

If you haven’t read and studied up to Luke 9:50, please take the time to do it this summer.    Plus, please share your thoughts on the LGB website.

We will continue with Luke 9:51 on September 1st.

Has anyone got any suggestions for Summer Reading?

Hope everyone is well.

Your friend in Christ,


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