Study Reminder – Week 9

Blessings everyone!

Fall is in the air.  Football season is here.  Leaves will be turning and falling soon.  Halloween costumes need to be decided and purchased or made.  Coming soon are trips to the pumpkin patch, hay rides, and warm apple cider.  However, as we read the verses for this week (Luke 14:1-15:32), we are reminded that these things are not the most important things in our lives.  Instead, our main focus in life needs to be preparing ourselves for our eternal life.

Preparing our soul means strengthening our spirit so that we can pass into Heaven.  It also means remembering what is really important in life – not the materialistic things, not our status, not how we look or what we have.  It isn’t about what our children or grandchildren will wear for Halloween, which team will win the next big game, or making sure our house is decorated for Fall.  As we read this week, we are reminded that God loves us and cherishes each one of us.  However, it is our responsibility to follow God, at all cost, and prepare our soul for Heaven.  God wants us to join him.  Let’s continue our work so that we can make the journey.

It was wonderful to hear from some of you this week.  I am happy to know that you are on this journey with me through Luke’s Gospel.  Please continue with your study and share your thoughts on the Week 9 page!

May the Spirit guide you and your soul be strengthened!

Your friend in Christ,


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