Study Reminder – Week 10


That is undoubtedly a word that is spouted out by parents everywhere.  “Behave!”  But, how are we to behave?  What actions must we take to constitute good behavior?

Good news!  Jesus gives us some guidelines to follow, which are evident in this week’s readings (Week 10):

  1. Trust in God, and only God. (Luke 16:1-13)   – Money is not what will “save” you.  Neither will that new big screen TV, promotion, or fancy clothes.  Put your trust in God.
  2. Don’t do good just for others’ praise. Do good for goodness sake!  (Luke 16:14-15; 17:7-10)  – Don’t be nice only when you think someone is watching.  Actually, someone IS always watching, and I don’t mean your mother with her eyes in the back of her head. God is always present.
  3. Take care of your fellow man.  What we do in this life will determine our future in the next.  So, be careful how you act. (Luke 16:19-31) – Feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and invite even the other team’s fans to your game party.
  4. Have an unlimited supply of forgiveness.  (Luke 17:1-4) – No matter how many times you are cut off while driving, you are not allowed to flip your lid and drive like a maniac.
  5. Have faith in God. (Luke 17:5-6; 17:11-19) – The “sun will come up tomorrow.”
  6. Choose to do God’s will, which is to take care of each other and to do the steps above. (Luke 17:20-37) – Your actions are YOUR choice.  In other words, you cannot blame others for your choice to be rude, self-centered, or self-righteous.

Reading scripture is a way to remind us how to behave, and it is a way to help us know when we need a behavior adjustment.  May the Spirit be with you during your bible study so that you may discern for yourself God’s message to you . . . Behave!

Your friend in Christ,


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2 Responses to Study Reminder – Week 10

  1. dminton1 says:

    Really enjoyed reading your thoughts this week Angie. I think I might print this page and hang it on the refrigerator at home. Trusting, having faith, and making good choices could be a mantra I say to my self every day. Thank you.

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