Study Reminder – Week 12


You are walking down the street, or maybe out taking a drive, when you see a person who appears to be homeless carrying a sign that reads “THE END IS NEAR!”   What thoughts enter your mind?  Are you thinking “This person is crazy!” or  “Poor soul.  He must be mentally disabled.”?   Do you even give a second to ponder the man and his sign?  What if, now, you see this same sign posted in your church, right up front, maybe behind the altar?  What are your thoughts now?

The readings this week (Luke 19:28-21:38) begin with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  The people rejoice as he descends the Mount of Olives.  However, the chief priests, the scribes, and the leaders reject Jesus.  The latter are upset or maybe even frightened of Jesus.  They do not see him for who is really is, the true Son of God.  If they did, they would have been more worried about their own actions, preparing themselves for what is to come next.  They would have heeded Jesus’ predictions of the destruction of Jerusalem and the end of time.   Instead, they crucify him, Jerusalem is eventually destroyed, and the end will come to all humanity.

Now, back to my story.  What if the sign you read, the one that says “THE END IS NEAR!” is being held by Jesus?  For those who believe that he is Jesus and that he is the Son of God, I would expect that they will take the sign seriously and hopefully make changes to their lives to prepare for the end of time.  However, for those who do not believe that the man holding the sign is Jesus, they may just chalk it up to a crazy or mentality challenged individual.  They would probably not take the sign seriously, and may not prepare themselves for the Kingdom of God.

Guess what . . . Jesus did hold up that sign, just not literally.  Furthermore, some people did not take him seriously and still do not today.  As we read this week’s readings (Week 12), we read that Jesus does warn us that the end of time will come.  He warns us to be mindful of our character.  Are we righteous or are we self-righteous? Are we taking care of those less fortunate and giving all that we can?  He warns us that the end is near and what we do in this life will affect what becomes of us.  What can you do to ensure that you are prepared for the end?

Next time you see someone holding a sign that reads “THE END IS NEAR,” remember that God gives us many signs.  That sign could be from Him.  Prepare yourself!

Your friend in Christ,


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