Study Reminder – Week 13

May God’s grace be upon each of you,

Pain and sorrow are not a new thing.  We have all either witnessed it first-hand or have seen it through the eyes of others.  Our readings for this week (Week 13 – Luke 22:1-23:56) is an example of the best known tale of pain and sorrow. . . Jesus’ Passion.  Through this tale, we are able to get a glimpse of the suffering Jesus and his friends went through.

We were not there to witness it first-hand.  We cannot be there to bring solace to Jesus or to the grieving.  However, we can learn a lot from it.  We learn a lot about the man Jesus was; we learn about the politics and customs of that time; and we learn through Jesus’ example and the example of those who chose to follow him.  We can then use that knowledge to strengthen our relationship with the Holy Trinity and to spread the news of the power in trusting God.

We have only one week remaining in our study of Luke’s Gospel.  Please continue your study and feel free to let me know how you are doing, what advice you have regarding our next study (the Gospel of Matthew), and any comments you would like to share regarding your experience with Bible Study, using the Life Giving Bread website, etc.

Your friend in Christ,


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