Study Reminder – Week 11

“When we are faithful to who God created us to be, and what God calls us to do, incredible things happen.”     Matthew Kelly, “The Four Signs Of A Dynamic Catholic”

God has a plan for each one of us.  How do you live your life? Are you living up to the full potential that God has planned for you?   Or, have wolves or your own hubris torn you away from your intended path?

In this week’s readings, Paul takes stock of his life.  He knows that peril awaits him, and he is okay with that fact.  He is pleased with how he has lived his life.   Can you say the same about your own life?  

This week, we are completing our readings of Paul’s Mission to the Gentiles (Acts 20:1-21:14).  Please review the ICSB questions that correspond to these verses and/or read and contemplate questions from any study source you are utilizing.  Lastly, please share your comments or questions on the Week  11 page or on our Facebook page (

May God bless you and may His Spirit guide you in your study.

Your sister in Christ,


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