Study Reminder – Week 12

Hello my fellow bible studiers,

One great benefit of belonging to an online bible study group is the study structure.  I know for me, it is hard sometimes to stay motivated if I don’t have a schedule to follow.  With all that life entails, I can get pretty busy.  However, having a schedule helps remind me to take time to reflect upon God’s words.  In doing so, I allow God to provide “Life Giving Bread” and continue to sustain me through His words.

After this week, we only have 3 more weeks of study for Acts.  Soon after, we will begin studying the Gospel of Matthew.  Therefore, it is important to try to keep up with the weekly schedule so that we can be ready for our next bible study.   How is everyone doing with their study?  Are you keeping up?

Please plan ahead to obtain a copy of “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: The Gospel of Matthew” by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch or for you to obtain another study guide that you would prefer.  If you are in the Louisville, KY area, please contact me to let me know if you would like the Ignatius book.  I can order copies through my church and possibly get a group discount for us.

This week is Week 12 of our study of The Acts of the Apostles.  Please read   Acts 21:15-22:30, which begins the readings of Paul as a prisoner and his witness to Jesus’ resurrection.

Have you ever been falsely accused?  How did you get out of it or did the accusation remain? Did you stand up for yourself?  Did God play a role in how you handled the situation?  If so, how?

Please post your comments on the Week 12 page or on our Facebook page.

God bless you all!


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