Study Reminder – Matthew Study – Week 1

We’re back to start a new study, the Gospel of Matthew.  For those who are new to the group, I want to welcome you!  Those of you returning, thank you for coming back and sharing this journey with us!

Familiarizing yourself with your study guide is a great first step.  If you have not read the introduction to your study guide and/or the introduction to the Gospel of Matthew in your study guide, I suggest you do.

On the LGB website, I have written some summary information regarding Matthew’s Gospel.  Please see the page  and type in the “Share your thoughts” section any information you would like to add or correct.

Each week, I will send out a reminder to study, giving you the material to read and any other information or thoughts that I have for the week.  Please read the verses for the week, ponder what your read, and then review and answer the corresponding study questions (located in your study guide and, at times, on the LGB website and LGB Facebook page).

This is our first week of the Matthew study.  For this week, Week 1, we will read the Prologue: The Coming of the Savior, which is Matthew 1:1-2:23.   Please read these verses and the corresponding questions in your study guide. (For those using the “Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: The Gospel of Matthew” by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch, see page 73.)   I’ve also included a couple of questions on the LGB website under Matthew’s Gospel/Week 1.  I’ll put these on Facebook as well.  Please share your thoughts regarding these questions, the questions in your study guide, and/or any thoughts you have regarding this week’s Bible verses.

I love all the history and faith in God that I read in this week’s chapters.   I hope you enjoy your study as well.




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