Study Reminder – Week 2

It always amazes me how many people choose not to baptize their children, especially when they themselves were baptized.  All I can figure is that they do not fully understand the importance of baptism.   What a shame.

How important is Baptism?  Those of us who are cradle Catholic or who have been baptized as a child may take for granted its importance.  “Only the Sacrament of Baptism infuses the Holy Spirit and marks one’s adoption into God’s family” (ICSB).   It is the Holy Spirit that guides us along our path in life.   With the world’s temptations, pain, and sorrow, how more difficult would it be without the Holy Spirit?

For Week 2 of our Gospel of Matthew Study, please read Matthew 3:1-4:25.   Then, please ponder the study questions in your study guide, as well as those shown below (which will also be on the Week 2 page and on the LGB Facebook page).  Share your thoughts with the group!

  • What verse(s) stood out to you and why?
  • What would you say to someone who is pondering whether or not be baptized?
  • We all face temptations.  How do you handle them?  Does Jesus’ reactions to his tempter help you in any way?
  • Would you leave everything to follow Jesus if he called you? What, if anything, would hold you back?
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