Romans Study Reminder – Week 8

Could you live your life with the sole purpose to spread the Word of God?  Could you depend solely on others to finance your endeavors? And lastly, could you be open to all sorts of people and circumstances so that you do not hinder your message from being received? Is this a lifestyle you could undertake?  St. Paul did.  He also lead others to follow in his footsteps and to reach those who he could not.  Of course, no one can be everywhere at once.  So, St. Paul needed others to help spread his message about Jesus Christ.  We can be his helpers as well.  We are called to help all those we meet to come closer to knowing and loving God.  This means that we must be careful how we deal with some people. . . we could actually hamper their path towards Jesus.  It also means to be aware of and discourage those who misrepresent the church doctrines.  In all, we are to be stewards of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Church, as was St. Paul.  Go out and spread the Light!

This is our last week of the Romans study.  Please read chapters 15 and 16, review the study questions shown below, and share your thoughts on the Week 8 page or on the LGB Facebook page.

Our next study will take place during Advent, beginning November 30th.  If you are in the Louisville area, please let me know if you would like a copy of the study book.  I will  be placing an order by November 16th. If you are not in the Louisville area and/or wish to place your own order, you can find the book at:


  • What verse(s) stood out to you and why?
  • Please review the study questions in the  Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – The Gospel of Romans’ (page 50) for chapters 15 and 16. They are available online:
  • Who are the Gentiles today?  Do you make them feel welcome at your church and at any other time you are together? (see Romans 15:7-13)
  • Have you ever begun a charity or drive, or participated in one, to help spread the word of God? If not, do you feel called to do so? (see Romans 15:25-27)
  • What are ways in which you can help support and encourage those who preach the word of God and show God’s love? (see Romans 16:1-16)
  • Who “creates dissensions and difficulties, in opposition to the doctrine which you have been taught”?  What is St. Paul telling you to do? (see Romans 16:17-20)
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