Next Study – Advent

It is almost that time of year again for celebrating with family and friends and to be thankful for them and all your blessings.  During all the hectic shopping, wrapping, cooking, eating, and merriment, it can be easy to forget what the real reason for the season . . . TO PREPARE FOR CHRIST’S COMING!  Jesus will return at the end of days.  Are you prepared?  Would you like to be better prepared? Each year, we are given this time to reflect on this and to help make ourselves ready.  For this reason, I am so excited for our next study.  Starting November 30th, the first day of Advent, we will begin our Advent study.  The purpose of this study is to prepare us for Christ’s coming with mediation, prayer, and study.

For the Advent study, we will be using Catholic Scripture Study’s “Preparing for Christ, Advent Cycle B Study Book, for December 2014” written by Cindy Morales.  To view additional information regarding this study, please go to

We will be placing an order for this book on November 17th.  If you are in the Louisville area, please let me know by November 16th if you would like a copy of this book.  So far, I’ve heard from Sonia and Jodell.  Does anyone else want to be included in the purchase order?   Once I have a definitive order amount, I can let everyone know the cost of the book.  Preparing for Christ is $11.95 retail – 5 or more, $9.56.

On a separate note, once Advent is over, we will be looking at starting another study.  Does anyone have any suggestions on which bible study you would like to do?

I hope everyone is doing well.  Please feel free to contact the group on Facebook or through our group’s website if you need prayers for yourself or loved ones or if you would like to share any other news or ideas (i.e. good religious books/movies, a great place to visit, Advent ideas, Christmas ideas, etc).

May God bless you all,



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