I Love You!

Have you ever had anyone say “I love you” to you and you did not return the sentiment? Awkward!  What kept you from saying “I love you” back?  Were you wondering about the other person’s intentions?  Were you shocked that person could love YOU?  Are you unlovable?  Or, were you placed in a situation in which you could not return the sentiment, because you did not want to lie?  In other words, you do not love that person.

Now, ask yourself, have you ever returned the “I love you” back to God?  He says it to us all the time.  How often do you say it back?  If you have never said it to Him, why not?  Do you feel unlovable?  Do you question why God loves you?  Or, have you just never thought of saying “I love you” to God, since you show your love in other ways?

Recently, possibly within the past month or so, I’ve started to actually says those three words, “I love you,” to God at least during my evening prayers.  Oh wow!  I never would have guessed what feelings I’d have with just those three words!  It is awesome!  It is like I’ve always wanted to say this to Him, and now I’m free to do so.

What brought on this change has been an accumulation of things.  I’m constantly becoming closer and closer to God.  My yearning to be nearer to Him and to do His will grows as time goes by.  Naturally, as a result of this, the welling-up of feelings inside have erupted forth in this true sentiment of my affection to my Father.  I decided to come out with it and tell Him how I truly feel.

As with anyone you would say “I love you” to, I do not suggest rushing to say these three words to God until you truly feel them.  Because then, and only then, will their meaning resonate within your soul.  It is a defining moment, and not one to take lightly.  But when the time comes, and you are ready, please share this love with Our Father.  It is about time you return the sentiment!

This is the fourth and final week of Advent.  Please read Week IV in the Advent Study guide, answer the corresponding questions, and feel free to share with the group on the LGB website or Facebook page.

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