Feedback and Next Study

Hello fellow bible study members!

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and that your New Year has started off well.

Our last bible study was on Advent.  What did you all think about it?  It differed from our typical bible study, where we studied a book of the bible.  Instead, it focused on the Sunday readings.  Did you like this format?  Should we look at doing this again next Advent?

We’ve had a break now since the Advent study.  Is everyone ready to look at starting a new study?

In regards to the next study, would you be open to studying The First and Second Letters of Saint Paul to the Corinthians?  I’ve been doing some research on them, and I like what I see. First Corinthians will give us a view of what struggles the early Church went through. Their struggles are similar to the same struggles we go through today.  St. Paul shares with us his wisdom on how to handle these struggles.  He also combats the vices of pride and selfishness, which also plague our society today.

In Second Corinthians, it will give us a better view of St. Paul the man and what he went through having people he brought to Christ to start turning away from him.  Who of us have had instances where are own proselytizing starting to look like it was falling apart and we were losing the people we were trying to bring closer to Christ?  In all, I think this book will be another good one for us to study.

Both of the Letters are in the same Ignatius Catholic Study Bible book.  So, for those who want a copy of the book, there will only be the one cost.

Please let me know what you thought of the Advent Study and if you like the idea of studying Corinthians next.  If there is another book of the bible you would like to recommend that the group study, please pass that on to me as well.

Thank you all and God bless,


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