Week 6

Read Luke 8:1-9:50 (The Ministry in Galilee – Part Three) 

  • Theme: Jesus battling Satan

–  The calming of the storm on his way to a pagan district signifies Jesus’ battle against the cosmic forces against him.  The pagans at that time wold have associated the storm with a Baal god.  It would have been very significant to the pagans that the Baal had no power over Jesus and that Jesus had power over the Baal. (8:22-25)

– Exorcising the Gerasene demoniac (8:26-39).

– Jesus gives his twelve disciples “power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases.” (9:1)

– Jesus heals a boy with a demon (9:37-43).

  • Theme: Joy – The crowd welcomed Jesus. (8:40)


  1. How does the parables of the Sower (8:5-15) and the lamp (8:16-18) relate to you and others you know?  Are these parables relevant today?  If so, can you give some examples?  Do you allow your light to shine bright?
  2. In verse 8:21, Jesus says, “My mother and my brothers are those who hear the word of God and act on it.”  Are you a brother/sister of Jesus?
  3. In verses 8:40- 56, the crowd initially welcomed Jesus (v. 40).  However, in verse 53, Jesus is ridiculed.  Are there times when people are more open to receive Jesus’ message (are happy to hear Jesus’ message . . . they welcome it.)?  At other times, are people too preoccupied to hear it?
  4. According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 1435), “Taking up one’s cross each day and following Jesus is the surest way of penance.” Do you take up your cross daily? If so, in what ways?  (9:23)
  5. According to the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – The Gospel of Luke, “Greatness in God’s kingdom is measured by a standard of humility and service to others.” (See ICSB note for verse 9:48)  How great are you?

Additional Questions (Found in the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible – Gospel of Luke)

  1. Question for Understanding 8:10 (ICSB)
  2. Question for Understanding 8:16-18 (ICSB)
  3. Question for Understanding 8:30 (ICSB)
  4. Question for Understanding 8:40-56 (ICSB)
  5. Question for Application 8:8b (ICSB)
  6. Question for Application 8:18 (ICSB)
  7. Question for Application 8:21 (ICSB)
  8. Question for Application 8:22 (ICSB)
  9. Question for Understanding 9:27 (ICSB)
  10. Question for Understanding 9:28-36 (ICSB)
  11. Question for Understanding 9:31 Word Study: Departure (ICSB)
  12. Question for Understanding 9:35 (ICSB)
  13. Question for Application 9:3-4 (ICSB)
  14. Question for Application 9:24 (ICSB)

6 Responses to Week 6

  1. Angie says:

    Questions #5 is humbling. I may serve my family, but I need to find time to serve my community more. It would also be nice to have a volunteer opportunity that I can involve my whole family. Does anyone know of any?

  2. Angie says:

    My husband might laugh, but I consider being a mother my cross to bear. I constantly have to be giving of myself, and I have to think of my kids before myself. It is difficult, but it is my calling.

    I need to get better about taking up my cross when it comes to eating and exercising. I have let these things slip some. God gave me this body and I need to go back to treating it better. 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    Question #3 jumps out at me for sure. It can be so frustrating for me when I try to encourage people to study the bible or read religious books, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. In those instances, though, I am trying to learn to let those discouragements slide. I try to remind myself that not everyone is open to hearing God’s message at this time. Some folks are just too busy and are not ready to make time for God. Others are already doing quite a bit on their own and don’t need to take on more tasks. In any case, everyone is going through different circumstances and have different priorities. I hope that people, including myself, can find a way to praise God in good times and in bad.

    When I try to promote bible study, I am more likely to turn to people who are already showing interest in the Catholic faith (going to mass, Why Catholic, etc.). I find it harder to approach people who are not showing interest.

  4. Angie says:

    In regards to Question #2, I do consider myself a sister of Christ. I pray that I can maintain the course and be worthy of His love.

  5. Angie says:

    In regards to Question #1: I can definitely see this parable as being relevant today. There are people that I know that fit into these seed categories. More than anything, so many of my friends and family were raised Catholic, but they have dismissed what they were taught. They have turned away from the Church and have allowed themselves to wither or to be choked. I also see on Facebook that some family members have allowed society to pick apart their morals, and now they are following society versus the church.
    When it comes to the last question on Question #1, it is hard for me to allow my light to shine bright. I don’t want to come across as a “religious nut” 🙂 I don’t want to turn people away by what I say and do. Instead, I hope I allow my light to shine just enough to attract others to God, not push them away. By studying about the Catholic faith and by studying the bible, I hope to be better able to stand up for my beliefs and become a bright light.

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