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When you are part of a group, members tend to give suggestions on many topics.  So, to help Life Giving Bread be like an actual BIBLE STUDY GROUP, this page has been added for members’ comments.

Using the comment sections below, add any books, movies, quotes, websites, etc. that you find informational, inspirational and/or would suggest to others to help strengthen their spirit.  Or, you can add any comment that you would like to share with the group.


8 Responses to Member Corner

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  2. Angie says:

    Some suggestions I have for books are:

    “Rediscover Catholicism,” by Matthew Kelly

    “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic,” by Matthew Kelly

    “Good News About Sex and Marriage,” by Christopher West – I mention this one above.

    “Theology of the Body for Beginners,” by Christopher West.

  3. Angie says:

    I just finished reading “Good News About Sex & Marriage – Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching,” by Christopher West. It is based on the Theology of the Body, for which I recently completed an 8-week study. It is a wonderful book that I recommend to everyone. It is shown in a Question and Answer format, which helps make it handy when it comes to knowing what to say to those who question the Catholic faith regarding sex, celibacy, and homosexuality. Beyond all that, though, I see it as a romance novel in a way. Romance in a ROMANTIC way, not in a dirty way. It makes the love between my husband and myself so much MORE! It is very uplifting in that regards.

    For any of you who are in an “unhappy” marriage. You may find answers to why you feel so unhappy. We are all seeking LOVE. We are all created in God’s image, man and woman alike. Man and Woman were created purposefully by God as a sign of the eternal love he provides. If the respect for one another as Man and as Woman is not there, this can lead to trouble in your marriage.

  4. magpoole says:

    Anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic Church whether you are currently active or maybe have fallen away or know someone who has fallen away I suggest Matthew Kelly’s “Rediscover Catholicism”. I stumbled upon this jewel while on vacation in the Outer Banks last fall. The Holy Spirit has taken me on quite a journey of learning since that book was found!

  5. Angie says:

    I strongly recommend “Fireproof” for all couples. Some of you have heard me say it before. It is not the best scripted or acted movie, but the message is awesome!

  6. magpoole says:

    We did not get to watch the Bible series on TV. Didn’t really know about it til seeing it posted by friends. We did watch The Passion of the Christ during Holy Week & was very good preparation for Easter. I wanted to use as prayer. Again I was taken with Mary’s reaction as His Mother.

    • Bill P. says:

      Unfortunately, we kept forgetting to set our DVR to record it. I found the series on Netflix and have added it to our queue. I am looking forward to checking it out soon.

  7. Angie says:

    What does everyone think of “The Bible” series on the History Channel?

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